IAM Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique is a division of Amrita Charities, based in Kerala, India, and with sites in the U.S. IAM was born out of the need for greater stability and centering in our lives. The technique was developed by a world-renowned meditation expert, known to most as “Amma”, who is based in Kerala, India.

A shorter version of this technique, known as IAM-20 has been delivered successfully to tens of thousands of people throughout the world. This version was streamlined to meet the demands of busy professionals, taking only about 20 minutes per day to practice. It has been taught to groups within companies, private businesses, or non-profit organizations of all sizes.

Training is provided by instructors, located throughout North America, who are experienced practitioners of the technique. They were hand-selected and trained in the proven instructional methods. In addition, they offer their time and services pro bono to this endeavor.

Our services include:

      • Delivery planning and internal communications
      • Providing additional presentation or marketing materials as needed
      • Instruction of the technique (2-3 hours)
      • Course follow up when requested

For more information, refer to our Contacts link, which lists Regional Coordinators for more information in your area.