IAM – Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique

The IAM® – Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique, is a short and simple approach to meditation that anyone can learn. Versions of this technique have been taught to thousands of people worldwide, many of whom have been given instruction in company or organization-sponsored classes. The technique was developed by a world-renowned Indian spiritual leader, known to many as Amma.

Some of the benefits, when practiced regularly, are greater calmness and sense of peace, as well as better decision-making and productive use of time. People who have been practicing the meditation regularly report other benefits such as greater mental focus and more energy. In some cases, participants initially do not notice any changes, but are informed by relatives and associates that a change for the better has occurred. In addition, in a recent study at Yale University, it was discovered that meditators developed extra gray matter in the brain, giving them greater concentration and more stable emotions.

Why IAM® is different and effective is that it combines the best steps and methods from other meditation techniques, organized in a logical way to accelerate a practitioner’s transition to a more complete state of peace and calm. And the steps are simpler and shorter than many other well-known techniques, taking approximately 20-25 minutes to practice.